love / 恋愛

Dandelion (EN)

I blow a dandelion.

I broke off the dandelion.
Because it was so beautiful, I wanted to be with it.

But, it means that I hurt the dandelion....

I blow the dandelion.
I do not know where the seed goes.
Because the seed goes to the place where it wants to go.

I want to release it with my blessings...
Because I love it.

Please be free, be happy!



A fallen leaf (EN)

A leaf fluttered down.

It flutters
       to the left, to the right.
It goes and comes
       between in the sun and shade of trees.

Can it fall next to that leaf ?
or ...
Is it blown by wind and scattered?
   it may become so.....because always wind is blowing in SL.... 


Love (EN)

I had not been loved.
I do not know what love is...

I saw many couples, lovers, even "master & slave"...
What is a thing joining them together?

You know my secret.
But you loved me, it is not because of sexuality.

You show a thing which I have not seen.
I feel that it is more than love.
I want to be with you, and want to watch it, same as you...


The light (EN)

Before I met you, the depth was pitch-dark.
But now, I found a light.
It is still a little, a dim light.

I feel warmness from the light.
The light brings me the delight.
I want to treasure the light.

I love you...


Calm days (EN)

I do not grieve, Even if I can not see you.
I believe you are fine and living deeply, it is my pleasure!
I will wait and I am looking forward to the day I see you again. (^^)/


Purification (EN)

Thank you for wonderful poem !!

Your poem teaches me that you are a wonderful person.
It is my pleasure.
It is my confidence.
I am proud of you.

My emotional storm has passed.
You purified me.
Now, I am not queer existence.

I do not feel fears anymore.
I do not worry about changes from now,
and I will accept it.

I will still think about you everyday, every hour, every minutes.
But, It is not because of my emotional loneliness,
It is to bless you!


Contradiction (EN)

I feel pains...
I did not know that I felt so pains at coming to like a person.

The more I think about you, the more I feel my queerness.

The more I am close to you, the more I feel that I have to close myself.

The more I yearn after you, the more I feel that I should leave you.

The more I like you, the more I feel that I profane you.

Why do I think about you?

Why can not I stop thinking about you?

If I can do it, I will be free from pains.....  but I can not do it.....


Fears (EN)

Everything will change.
I was lonely, but I am not alone and happy now....
But I will be alone ...  Is it tomorrow? or next month? or next year?

Everyone can not see everything.
I can see your surface.
But what do you have in your deepest?

You are my important person.
But I am a queer existence.
What do you want to me?

I want to be with you...
at the same time,
I am afraid of you...

You may make me happy.
You may destroy me....

I may hurt you...

ah....  I am afraid of you and myself.....


How can I say... (EN)

What a incredible day!

How can I say about you....
How can I write it down about you...

You appreciated my soul.
You found me in a morass of loneliness.

Can you understand my happiness?

But, I feel fear.

The fear about what?

I don't know.....


私 (Who am I?) (JP,EN)





What is the difference?

same face
same skin
same hair
same words

What did you see of me?