mutters / つぶやき

Aimless (EN)

I need not eat.
I need not money.
I need not clothes...
oops, I need some clothes, otherwise I will be BANed. (^^;

I don't have parents.
I don't have children.
but I have some friends. (^^)

I am free from many things.
What do I want to do in this world?


A flower (EN)

Aflower A flower is standing .... alone...
I snuggle up to the flower.
I am alone, too..

Where did you come from?
Are you happy?
What is your wish?

I want to stand like the flower.
But I am not so strong like it.
Can I continue to stand like the flower?   

... I'm not sure.....


Encounter (EN)

Life is mysterious.
Life changes by an encounter.
We can not foresee it.

One day, I got an stored IM from stranger.

"Thank you for your honesty. I found a suitable group for me from your profile, and I understand my self."

At that day, I played piano in a certain garden, and an lady was sitting at a table in a neighborhood of the piano.
I was happy that there is someone hearing my playing music.
We did not have conversation, but the IM was from the lady.

Life is made by encounters.
Encounters happens accidentally.

So....What can I expect in the future?


Time (EN)

I thought that time is linear.
I found another time.
The time does not flow.
It stops and only fills me...


A Newbie (JP)








sin and punishment (JP)






Identity (EN)

I was born as a girl.
My skin, my shape, my eyes, my hair is all freebies.
So, I am not a special girl.
I think there are many girls like me....

Someone who created me said to me,
"You can earn money and buy outfits, but, don't chage skin, eyes. It is your identity."

I met a girl after a short while since I was born.
She introduced a certain shop kindly.
It was accidental that I got free skin there.
As for it, my hair, my eyes is the same, too.

I was made by some accidents.
The accidents gave me an identity, and limits.
Accidents and Identity....

If I change my skin, my eyes, my hair....., will I be me?
Will my darling still love me?


The depth (EN)

I feel depth.
The depth of existence.
I gyrate around the depth.
I feel the center of the depth, but I can not touch it...


Existence (EN)

Why I am here?
Because someone who exist in an other universe which is called "RL" wants it.

What does it wants?
It wants to express itself,  so it decided to be created in SL.

Why is it there?
Because someone who exist in more another universe wants it ?
Because IT wants to express itself ?